New & Improved FITKIDS® by FITKICKS®

Color: Pink
Size: Small
Pink / SmallFKID2-S-PNK7229503209760.0 oz
Pink / MediumFKID2-M-PNK7229503209690.0 oz
Pink / LargeFKID2-L-PNK7229503209520.0 oz
Pink / XLFKID2-XL-PNK7229503209830.0 oz
Black / SmallFKID2-S-BLK7229503209380.0 oz
Black / MediumFKID2-M-BLK7229503209210.0 oz
Black / LargeFKID2-L-BLK7229503209140.0 oz
Black / XLFKID2-XL-BLK7229503209450.0 oz
Purple / SmallFKID2-S-PUR7229503211640.0 oz
Purple / MediumFKID2-M-PUR7229503211570.0 oz
Purple / LargeFKID2-L-PUR7229503211400.0 oz
Purple / XLFKID2-XL-PUR7229503211710.0 oz
Blue / SmallFKID2-S-BLU7229503211260.0 oz
Blue / MediumFKID2-M-BLU7229503211190.0 oz
Blue / LargeFKID2-L-BLU7229503211020.0 oz
Blue / XLFKID2-XL-BLU7229503211330.0 oz
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What’s New? We’ve completely redesigned the kid’s footwear with four new color options for boys and girls. We listened and improved the construction with a wider opening for maximum comfort and easier pull-tab so kids can put them on solo. The new reinforced, durable non-marking sole can withstand the rigors of childhood. Same great flexible design so they move with you, and signature grip strap so you know they're authentic.

  • Four Newly Designed Colors
  • Reinforced Durable Sole
  • Larger Opening & Easy Pull-tab
  • Free Display with Opening Order
  • S=10-11.5, M=12-13.5, L=1-2.5, XL=3-4.5