Off-Duty Socks

Design: Mom
MomEF-MOMODS8419171293052.0 oz
DadEF-DADODS8419171293122.0 oz
SonEF-SONODS8419171293292.0 oz
DaughterEF-DAUODS8419171293362.0 oz
Warehouse NameOff-Duty Socks
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Nothing gives a clear message like putting your feet up and turning on the TV or opening a good book, unless you are wearing these off-duty socks. Just one look and people willl see you are definitely off-duty, with messages like, "Dad Off-Duty" or Daughter Off-duty", you are certain to get a little peace and quiet without saying a word. 

  • Two-tone style
  • Comfortable and breathable 
  • Great for relaxing at home
  • One Size fits most.
  • The material is breathable cotton
  • Available in your choice of Dad Off Duty, Mum Off Duty, Daughter Off Duty, or Son Off Duty