Premium Home All Season Breathable Down Alternative Comforter

Size: Full/Queen
Color: Black
Full/Queen / BlackLH-ASDAC-1PC-BLA-FQ7472560328970.0 oz
Full/Queen / BurgundyLH-ASDAC-1PC-BUR-FQ7472560329270.0 oz
Full/Queen / ChocolateLH-ASDAC-1PC-CHO-FQ7472560329580.0 oz
Full/Queen / CreamLH-ASDAC-1PC-CRE-FQ7472560329890.0 oz
Full/Queen / GrayLH-ASDAC-1PC-GRA-FQ7472560330160.0 oz
Full/Queen / KhakiLH-ASDAC-1PC-KHA-FQ7472560330470.0 oz
Full/Queen / NavyLH-ASDAC-1PC-NAV-FQ7472560330780.0 oz
Full/Queen / PinkLH-ASDAC-1PC-PIN-FQ7472560331080.0 oz
Full/Queen / SageLH-ASDAC-1PC-SAG-FQ7472560331390.0 oz
Full/Queen / SkyLH-ASDAC-1PC-SKY-FQ7472560331600.0 oz
Full/Queen / WhiteLH-ASDAC-1PC-WHI-FQ7472560331910.0 oz
King/Cal King / BlackLH-ASDAC-1PC-BLA-KC7472560329030.0 oz
King/Cal King / BurgundyLH-ASDAC-1PC-BUR-KC7472560329340.0 oz
King/Cal King / ChocolateLH-ASDAC-1PC-CHO-KC7472560329650.0 oz
King/Cal King / CreamLH-ASDAC-1PC-CRE-KC7472560329960.0 oz
King/Cal King / GrayLH-ASDAC-1PC-GRA-KC7472560330230.0 oz
King/Cal King / KhakiLH-ASDAC-1PC-KHA-KC7472560330540.0 oz
King/Cal King / NavyLH-ASDAC-1PC-NAV-KC7472560330850.0 oz
King/Cal King / PinkLH-ASDAC-1PC-PIN-KC7472560331150.0 oz
King/Cal King / SageLH-ASDAC-1PC-SAG-KC7472560331460.0 oz
King/Cal King / SkyLH-ASDAC-1PC-SKY-KC7472560331770.0 oz
King/Cal King / WhiteLH-ASDAC-1PC-WHI-KC7472560332070.0 oz
Twin / BlackLH-ASDAC-1PC-BLA-T7472560329100.0 oz
Twin / BurgundyLH-ASDAC-1PC-BUR-T7472560329410.0 oz
Twin / ChocolateLH-ASDAC-1PC-CHO-T7472560329720.0 oz
Twin / CreamLH-ASDAC-1PC-CRE-T7472560330090.0 oz
Twin / GrayLH-ASDAC-1PC-GRA-T7472560330300.0 oz
Twin / KhakiLH-ASDAC-1PC-KHA-T7472560330610.0 oz
Twin / NavyLH-ASDAC-1PC-NAV-T7472560330920.0 oz
Twin / PinkLH-ASDAC-1PC-PIN-T7472560331220.0 oz
Twin / SageLH-ASDAC-1PC-SAG-T7472560331530.0 oz
Twin / SkyLH-ASDAC-1PC-SKY-T7472560331840.0 oz
Twin / WhiteLH-ASDAC-1PC-WHI-T7472560332140.0 oz
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These microfiber comforters are filled with a polyester down alternative which stays in its place and is comfortable in any climate

  • Luxury Home Double-brushed Down Alternative Comforter
  • Soft comforter with down-alternative filling
  • Comfortable in most climates
  • End-to-end box construction
  • Fill stays in place
  • Fabric (shell): 90 GSM microfiber
  • Fill materials: 350 GSM polyester
  • Care instructions: machine washable

Full-Queen: 88”x88”
King: 104”x88”