Premium Home Soft and Comfy Monogram Embroidered Throw (50" x 60")

Options: Grey - A
Grey - ASHTH1-003-A6912067470750.0 oz
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This lovely embroidered monogram throw will make a great gift to your loved ones and even for treating yourself. Perfect for snuggling up with any time of the year, this throw is crafted from premium quality materials to create a comfy surface and all-season warmth. This ultra-soft cloud-like throw blanket is perfect for all occasions - snuggling up with a furry friend, cuddling with your loved ones, or making a blanket burrito while watching your favorite show.
  • Includes one 50" x 60" ultra-soft throw blanket
  • Available in popular embroidered alphabets
  • Crafted with super soft alloy grey plush fabric and exquisitely embroidered with steel grey monogram on the front
  • Made of premium quality material so one can enjoy the extra warmth without the extra weight
  • Easy care, machine washable for added convenience
  • The perfect combination of functionality and beauty, great for long-lasting use both at home and on the go