Protective Winter Ski Protective Face Mask with Earmuffs

Color: Gray
GrayTI-RAPWSM-GRA8419171864832.0 oz
BlackTI-RAPWSM-BLA8419171864902.0 oz
PinkTI-RAPWSM-PIN8419171865062.0 oz
RedTI-RAPWSM-RED8419171865132.0 oz
Warehouse NameRAPIDE
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  • Provides great protection to your face, ear, and neck.
  • Lightweight, Portable and comfortable
  • Soft and Warm.
  • Wind-proof, dust-proof, comfortable to wear for outdoor cycling, hiking, camping, skiing, and other sports.
  • Has Adjustable velcro strap to a snug fit.
  • Material - Fleece/Cotton.
  • Available in Black, Red, Pink, and Gray.
  • Product Dimension - 5.91 x 3.94 x 0.39 inches