Ultra-Mini Digital Camera

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This tiny security camera is ideal for anybody that wants hands-free covert footage. Record hours of on-the-go video or store photos right to a Micro SD card. It's so small that this miniature camera does not stick like a sore thumb in plain sight. This micro camcorder is perfect for law enforcement, private investigators, secret shoppers, and much more. Tiny digital cameras are a pretty common sight these days, but none are tinier than this insane ultra-mini camera. The ultra-tiny camera is almost small enough to fit up your nose! Don't do that! Keep the camera in your pocket, backpack, purse or glove compartment of your vehicle for easy accessibility. The camera accommodates a?˜micro SD card and a USB connection to a Windows machine. If you're interested in impressing your friends with your insanely tiny camera picture the FREE shipping and GRAB this deal today!

  • Introducing the World's Smallest Camera Micro Digital DVR Video Recording DVR Security/Hidden Camera Surveillance Webcam Pinhole Camcorder/Camera.
  • Weighing only at about 3 ounces this is the world's smallest camera. Small as it may be, it can take an impressive 2 million-pixel image and has up to 720 * 480 video resolution. This tiny camera is ideal for lawyers, reporters, business owners, or anyone needing to take photos or videos discreetly.
  • Supports mainstream audio and video playback software and is compatible with Windows ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10
  • Designed with built-in Micro SD card slot and can support cards up to 32GB. It also has an integrated USB interface to facilitate file transferring from the card to a computer, laptop, external hard disk drive or devices with USB port.