Realistic-Looking Belly Bag

Design: Hairy Belly
Size: 1-Pack
Hairy Belly / 1-PackTI-DBFTP-HAI8419171269155.5 oz
Hairy Belly / 2-PackTI-DBFTP-HAI-2PK84191712691511.0 oz
Dark Skin Belly / 1-PackTI-DBFTP-DSKI8419171269085.5 oz
Dark Skin Belly / 2-PackTI-DBFTP-DSKI-2PK84191712690811.0 oz
Light Skin Belly / 1-PackTI-DBFTP-LSKI8419171269225.5 oz
Light Skin Belly / 2-PackTI-DBFTP-LSKI-2PK84191712692211.0 oz
Warehouse NameTagCo USA Inc
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We can't imagine why anyone would want to appear to have a hairy belly, beer belly, or a 6-pack belly, but for those of you who love a good laugh and respect a decent gag, this bag is designed for you. This bag straps around your waist and gives the wearer the appearance of a different kind of stomach. Carry around all your essentials and just wait for the stifled giggles. 

  • Belly bag carries essentials 
  • Fits comfortably around the waist 
  • Zip closure 
  • Available in Hairy Belly, Dark Skin Belly, or Light Skin Belly