Fitkids Kids Slip-On Shoes by Fitkicks - 4 Colors

Color: Blue
Size: Small
Blue / SmallFKID-S- BLU7229502782773.5 oz
Blue / MediumFKID-M- BLU7229502782844.0 oz
Blue / LargeFKID-L- BLU7229502782914.5 oz
Blue / XLFKID-XL- BLU7229502783075.5 oz
Gray / SmallFKID-S- GRY7229502783143.5 oz
Gray / MediumFKID-M- GRY7229502783214.0 oz
Gray / LargeFKID-L- GRY7229502783384.5 oz
Gray / XLFKID-XL- GRY7229502783455.5 oz
Pink / SmallFKID-S- PNK7229502781923.5 oz
Pink / MediumFKID-M- PNK7229502782084.0 oz
Pink / LargeFKID-L- PNK7229502782154.5 oz
Pink / XLFKID-XL- PNK7229502782225.5 oz
Purple / SmallFKID-S- PUR7229502782393.5 oz
Purple / MediumFKID-M- PUR7229502782464.0 oz
Purple / LargeFKID-L- PUR7229502782534.5 oz
Purple / XLFKID-XL- PUR7229502782605.5 oz
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These great kids shoes by Fitkicks are the latest in the fitness craze for kids. Featuring the same great quality and style as the originals in four kid's colors, with sizing ranging from toddler to pre-teen. Made for extra comfort and breathability with durable FlexForm sole technology that naturally contours to a child's foot for free range of motion. Slip into comfort and fun with two boyish styles and two girl's color combinations with white soles.

  • Nylon
  • Imported
  • Soft rubber sole is
  • Durable enough for outdoors
  • Flexible sole
  • Foldable for easy transport
  • Form-fitting construction and ergonomic comfort
  • Extra breathable
  • Easy slip-on
  • Perfect for a wide range of activities
  • Available in sizes:
  • Small (10-11.5)
  • Medium (12-13.5)
  • Large (1-2.5)
  • XLarge (3-4.5)