Muscle Therapy Foam Roller

Color: Blue
BlueFR-12-2591-BLU-32.0 oz
GreenFR-12-2591-GRE-32.0 oz
OrangeFR-12-2591-ORA-32.0 oz
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Foam Roller offers a professional massage, sport or physical therapy anytime and anywhere to ease soreness, stiffness in tired and sore muscles with their multiple textured grid points that trigger and release muscle tension. Durable grid point foam rollers used by physical therapists, sports professionals and other professionals made of high-density foam. Massage Back, Legs, Feet and other parts to ease stiff and sore muscles or to relax and reduce body tension and a deep tissue massage. The grid point foam roller is compact, lightweight and easy to carry with you to and from home, to the office, gym or during travel. It’s compact size 13” Wide and 5” Dia make it easy to fit into most gym bags, duffle bags and carry with you.