Men's Essential Lightweight Workout, Fitness and Running Shorts for Performance

Color: Black
Size: Medium
Black / MediumEF-GRAFP-BLA-M8419171340198.9 oz
Black / LargeEF-GRAFP-BLA-L8419171340269.6 oz
Black / XLEF-GRAFP-BLA-XL84191713403310.7 oz
Black / 2XLEF-GRAFP-BLA-2XL84191713404011.2 oz
Black / 3XLEF-GRAFP-BLA-3XL84191713405711.8 oz
Grey / MediumEF-GRAFP-GRE-M8419171340648.9 oz
Grey / LargeEF-GRAFP-GRE-L8419171340719.6 oz
Grey / XLEF-GRAFP-GRE-XL84191713408810.7 oz
Grey / 2XLEF-GRAFP-GRE-2XL84191713409511.2 oz
Grey / 3XLEF-GRAFP-GRE-3XL84191713410111.8 oz
Warehouse NameGRAHAM
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There are some fitness attires that make a huge difference in your workout and cardio exercises. The ideal pair of running shorts is definitely one of them that boosts your athletic performance and comfortable fit while you're in the middle of tough gym sessions. These workout shorts stay out of the way in keeping you comfortable in the best possible way.

  • The soft, easily washable, and dry material offers less friction, prevents moisture, and allows a lot of free dynamic movements in running and exercising, and makes you comfortable in the heat.

  • These men's shorts offer you the right support, breathability, and a lot of extra comfort in your fitness activities like exercise, gym, and workouts.

  • The workout shorts come with adjustable waist comfort, perfect for leg movement, and pockets to protect your belongings when you're hiking or running.

  • Built-in lightweight liner. Has a Liner phone pocket and utility shirt loop with Zipper back pocket.
  • Made with our signature XTF VAPOR™ fabric for a super soft, sustainable piece.
  • Available in Black and Camo.
  • Material - 87% Polyester, 13% Spandex.
Care Instructions
  • Wash inside out
  • Machine wash cold
  • Tumble dry cold
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron