Strapless Butterfly Push-Up Bra

Color: Black
Size: A
Black / ATI-SBSB-BLA-A8419171212552.0 oz
Black / BTI-SBSB-BLA-B8419171212622.0 oz
Black / CTI-SBSB-BLA-C8419171212792.0 oz
Black / DTI-SBSB-BLA-D8419171212862.0 oz
Nude / ATI-SBSB-NUD-A8419171212932.0 oz
Nude / BTI-SBSB-NUD-B8419171213092.0 oz
Nude / CTI-SBSB-NUD-C8419171213162.0 oz
Nude / DTI-SBSB-NUD-D8419171213232.0 oz
Blue / ATI-SBSB-BLU-A8419171248292.0 oz
Blue / BTI-SBSB-BLU-B8419171248362.0 oz
Blue / CTI-SBSB-BLU-C8419171248432.0 oz
Blue / DTI-SBSB-BLU-D8419171248502.0 oz
Pink / ATI-SBSB-PIN-A8419171248672.0 oz
Pink / BTI-SBSB-PIN-B8419171248742.0 oz
Pink / CTI-SBSB-PIN-C8419171248812.0 oz
Pink / DTI-SBSB-PIN-D8419171248982.0 oz
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This gravity-defying, front-fastening Strapless Butterfly Gel Push-Up Bra is the perfect solution to any wardrobe challenge. Backless, strapless, and everything in-between; these push-up padded, adhesive cups stick right to your body for a stay-put fit, while the corset pulling design adds a little cleavage.

  • Adhesive and reusable
  • Gel push-up bra with strapless design
  • Available in Nude or Black
  • Front-fastening
Available in Cup Sizes A-D
  • A: 32A-32B-34A-36A
  • B: 32C-34B-36B-38A
  • C: 38B-34C-36C-32D
  • D: 38C-34D-36D-38D