Quick-Chop Easy Salad Fruits Cutter Slicer Bowl

Quick-Chop Easy Salad Fruits Cutter Slicer BowlTI-SCB-WHI84191711534613.0 oz
Warehouse NameSalad Cutter Bowl
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Product Linkhttps://tagcousa.com/scbf

Don't let messy clean-ups keep you from eating healthy. The Salad Bowl Cutter is the kitchen gadget you've been looking for. Simply gather up all of your favorite salad ingredients, plop them in the bowl and chop away. Mere moments later you have one beautiful, delicious, and self-contained salad, ready to be eaten. Perfect for quick lunches, post-gym munches, and delectable dinners. Clean up is a breeze!

  • Easy to Clean
  • Food Grade Plastic
  • Non- Toxic
  • High Quality
  • Built to Last
  • Product Dimension - 8 x 4 inches
  • Material - Food Grade Plastic