Shape-Defying Waist & Bust Trimmer

Color: Pink
Size: Medium/Large
Pink / Medium/LargeTI-WERSDWT-PIN-M8419171217506.0 oz
Pink / XL/2XLTI-WERSDWT-PIN-XL8419171217676.0 oz
Black / Medium/LargeTI-WERSDWT-BLA-M8419171217746.0 oz
Black / XL/2XLTI-WERSDWT-BLA-XL8419171217816.0 oz
Blue / Medium/LargeTI-WERSDWT-BLU-M8419171217986.0 oz
Blue / XL/2XLTI-WERSDWT-BLU-XL8419171218046.0 oz
Warehouse NameWERRIBEE
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Give Mother Nature the little boost She needs with this Waist & Bust Trimmer. Not only will your waist appear inches smaller, but your bust will be boosted to perfection. Wear this trimmer under dresses or blouses for a naturally slimmer and firmer appearance. Looking good just got way easier.

  • Trims inches off waist
  • Boosts the bustline
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Hook and eye closure

M-L: Your waist 26.8′ – 30.3′   Cincher waist  26.3′ – 28.3′
XL-2XL: Your waist 30.8′ – 34.3  Cincher waist  30.3′ – 32.3′