Set Of 6 Nail Art Pens

Set Of 6 Nail Art PensN91-PENS8419171145095.5 oz
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It’s no secret that when you have your nails perfectly manicured with cool nail art design, people notice. So what’s the problem? Weekly salon visits can be both times consuming and expensive. With a little patience, you can master these looks all on your own! This 6-pack of La Sante Nail Art Pens gives you an easy way to create your own custom nail designs. Each pen features its own brush tip and a fine tip, making it easy for you to paint on intricate designs. It comes with a beautiful selection of cool colors so you can let your imagination run wild and create some unforgettable nail looks.

  • 6-pack includes Black, Bright Pink, White, Teal, Neon Green, and Metallic Silver
  • 0.4oz bottles
  • Each color comes with a small brush for making the perfect lines and a fine tip for drawing or polka dots
  • Great for use on both natural and acrylic nails
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Precise control of your designs with a natural writing-shaped utensil and a professional thin brush
  • Create beautiful designs on your fingers and toes
  • Looks professional without the high salon cost