Sports Hydration Backpack

Color: Blue
BlueEF-HWBP-BLU8419171169470.0 oz
BlackEF-HWBP-BLA8419171169540.0 oz
GreenEF-HWBP-GRE8419171169610.0 oz
RedEF-HWBP-RED8419171169780.0 oz
OrangeEF-HWBP-ORA8419171169850.0 oz
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  • Set off on your next outdoor expedition with a 2L water bladder
  • Lightweight hydration pack made for hikers, bikers, or runners
  • Includes easy-open cap and water hose with shut-off valve
  • Adjustable, ventilated straps help reduce sweating
  • Large storage pocket holds food, tools, headphones, keys, or other possessions
  • BPA-free
  • Material: nylon