Shimmer 'n Chic Stretch Knit Gloves

BlushBKLGLV-BLSH7229503129570.0 oz
BlackBKLGLV-BLK7229503127110.0 oz
BrownBKLGLV-BRW7229503127280.0 oz
GrayBKLGLV-GRY7229503127350.0 oz
NavyBKLGLV-NVY7229503127420.0 oz
RedBKLGLV-RED7229503127590.0 oz
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Perfect for any occasion with a hint of sparkle to dress it up! Variety of colors to match with any ensemble, interwoven with Lurex® a glittery metallic thread for just the right amount of pop.A comfortable one size stretch-fit. Ships with free counter display. 

  • 6 Assorted Reorderable Styles
  • Free Display with Opening Order
  • Glittery Threads Throughout
Color: Blush