Solid Tall Boots

Color: Beige
Size: 7
Beige / 7SLB-BEI-784191710130134.5 oz
Beige / 8SLB-BEI-884191710131836.5 oz
Beige / 9SLB-BEI-984191710132536.5 oz
Beige / 10SLB-BEI-1084191710133236.5 oz
Beige / 11SLB-BEI-1184191710134950.0 oz
Black / 7SLB-BLA-784191710114134.5 oz
Black / 8SLB-BLA-884191710115836.5 oz
Black / 9SLB-BLA-984191710116536.5 oz
Black / 10SLB-BLA-1084191710117236.5 oz
Black / 11SLB-BLA-1184191710118950.0 oz
Chestnut / 7SLB-CHE-784191710120234.5 oz
Chestnut / 8SLB-CHE-884191710121936.5 oz
Chestnut / 9SLB-CHE-984191710122636.5 oz
Chestnut / 10SLB-CHE-1084191710123336.5 oz
Chestnut / 11SLB-CHE-1184191710124050.0 oz
Chocolate / 7SLB-CHO-784191710125734.5 oz
Chocolate / 8SLB-CHO-884191710126436.5 oz
Chocolate / 9SLB-CHO-984191710127136.5 oz
Chocolate / 10SLB-CHO-1084191710128836.5 oz
Chocolate / 11SLB-CHO-1184191710129550.0 oz
Gray / 7SLB-GRA-784191710140034.5 oz
Gray / 8SLB-GRA-8-36.5 oz
Gray / 9SLB-GRA-984191710142436.5 oz
Gray / 10SLB-GRA-1084191710143136.5 oz
Gray / 11SLB-GRA-1184191710144850.0 oz
Navy / 7SLB-NAV-784191710135634.5 oz
Navy / 8SLB-NAV-884191710136336.5 oz
Navy / 9SLB-NAV-984191710137036.5 oz
Navy / 10SLB-NAV-1084191710138736.5 oz
Navy / 11SLB-NAV-1184191710139450.0 oz
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The Australian Solid Tall Boots is a waterproof sheepskin boot providing ultimate protection against rain and snow. The reverse hidden seams provide a classic streamlined finish to this timeless waterproof boot.
  • Waterproof suede and natural Australian sheepskin
  • Sheepskin breathes and keeps your feet perfectly warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Breathable, waterproof membrane with sealed seams between the suede and sheepskin.
  • Moulded heel cup and toe cap for better fit and support
  • Anatomically shaped and removable sheepskin insole
  • Durable, hardwearing and flexible rubber outsole for comfort and support
  • Sole is attached using a specially formulated waterproof adhesive and finished with waterproof suede binding
  • Superior double stitched seams for added strength