Space-Saving Shoe Organizer

Space-Saving Shoe Organizer8151-0.0 oz
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It's never been easier or more affordable to maximize your shoe storage space than with these handy Shoe Organizers which are similar to Shoe Slotz. Just like Shoe Slots, you'll double your storage space... but you'll do it at a fraction of the price.

How it works

The unique stacking design allows you to place one shoe on the bottom and another on top. The compartments are non-slip to hold your shoes firmly in place. If your trying to reduce clutter, have limited storage space these are the solution you've been waiting for!  No more digging thru the closet trying to find the other shoe, the innovative design of these organizers keeps your shoes together and helps to easily identify the right pair at a glance.

  • Doubles your storage space
  • Organizes and protects shoes
  • Durable design holds its shape
  • Slip-resistance surface with top-panel shoe guard
  • Help keep shoes organized
  • Can be used on shelves, racks, in cabinets, or on the floor
  • Each box is good for 6 pairs of shoes
  • Fits all sizes of shoes
  • Dimensions: 5"x 4"x10"