Stainless Steel and Copper Butter Spreader Cutter Slicer Knife

Options: Silver
SilverTI-HAVBK-SIL8419171342862.5 oz
CopperTI-HAVBK-COP8419171342932.5 oz
BundleBUN-2-HAVBK-SIL-COP-5958419171343095.0 oz
Warehouse NameHAVEN
Bundle # 595 (TI-HAVBK-SIL " Silver" + TI-HAVBK-COP " Copper")
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  • Small slotted holes running down the blade edge designed to curl hard butter on your bread. One larger hole designed to curl larger amounts of butter into a rich source of energy on your toast. 
  • Beautiful design, perfect weight balance, and 1-inch blade make it perfect to spread the right amount of butter/jams/creams/peanut butter on your toast.
  • This cold butter knife is long-lasting and durable
  • Great as a Butter Spreader, cutter, slicer, and shredder.
  • Choose from Silver or Copper.
  • Product dimension - 8 x 1''