Stunt Car w/ Lights RC

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The Stunt Car by Flipo Toys is no ordinary RC car. With its easy controls, you'll be doing flips, wheelies and barrel rolls... it looks like the car is break-dancing! The front wheels of the Stunt Car are on a spinning gyro. Use different combinations of the direction controls to perform all sorts of awesome stunts. It even has a wheelie stabilization bar on the back end. The Stunt Car also features Blue and Red LED lights behind the rubber tires, which make for some really cool FX, especially in a dark room. These RC cars come in Red and Blue, and the two colors run on different radio frequencies... grab one of each and two people can control different cars at the same time!

  • RC Stunt Car
  • Red and Blue LED Light FX
  • Performs Flips, Rolls and, Wheelies
  • Easy Control System
  • Wheelie Stabilization Bar
  • Red and Blue Cars on Separate Frequencies
  • Large Rubber Wheels
  • Fully Functional (Left, Right, Forward and Backward)
  • Requires 5 AA Batteries (not included)
  • 6 inches x 4 inches x 3.5 inches
Color: Blue