Talking Kitchen Scale

Talking Kitchen ScaleJB6994-0.0 oz
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Speaking with an easy-to-hear voice, these scales will tell you the weight or volumes of your kitchen items, in metric or imperial measurements - for oil, milk, flour, sugar & more! Great for the visually impaired, this also has a stylish tempered glass base and can measure weights of up to 4.5kg. The reset button means you can even use measuring cups of different sizes and know exactly how much of an ingredient is being weighed. Pretty cool, and all for a very slim price too.

  • Talking Kitchen Scales
  • Speaks & displays weights and volumes
  • Can measure in metric or imperial units
  • Great for oil, milk, flour, sugar & more
  • Allows use of own measuring cup with reset button
  • A tempered transparent glass base
  • Ideal for the visually impaired
  • With reset, unit, mode & on/off functions
  • Comes with basic instructions
  • Requires 2x AAA batteries for operation (not included)
  • Overall size: 6 x 7.5 x 1'' (WxDxH)