Therapeutic Invisible Gel Toe Socks Sleeves for Men and Women

Therapeutic Invisible Gel Toe Socks Sleeves for Men and WomenEF-ZENSP-GRA8419171514292.0 oz6 x 6 x 3 inches
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These therapeutic toe socks are an ultimate solution to your cracked, dry and hard feet, especially heels. The no-sweat and built-in gel-based toe socks add absolute comfort to your life by protecting your heels from corns, calluses, blisters, and dryness leaving them soft, moisturized, and delicate.

  • Unisex therapeutic socks come with in-built gel pads that magically heal your damaged and rough skin
  • Designed with premium quality soft, lightweight, and moisture-wicking material that allows your feet to be more relaxing and flexible.
  • Five fingers moisture-wicking socks featuring a low cut design to keep each toe separated prevent rubbing, and promote natural alignment
  • Helps to protect your feet from damage, calluses, blisters, and corns. Promotes blood circulation to ensure exciting physical activities with no limits.
  • Best for running shoes, sneakers, or normal dress shoes. Minimalist design to keep you in style whilst protecting your feet.
  • Material  - Cotton and Gel
  • Product dimension -  8.6 x 2.5''
  • Care instructions  - wipe with damp cloth