Thinking Putty

Color: Green
GreenTI-CZGTP-GRE8419171283153.0 oz
GrayTI-CZGTP-GRA8419171283223.0 oz
BlueTI-CZGTP-BLU8419171283393.0 oz
BlackTI-CZGTP-BLA8419171283463.0 oz
GoldTI-CZGTP-GOL8419171283533.0 oz
PurpleTI-CZGTP-PUR8419171283603.0 oz
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The power of this thinking putty will astound you. Let your ideas flourish as you squish, stretch, and shape this Cra-Z-Geezer's Thinking Putty. You know what they say at Apple, "Think Bigger" and you will do just that with this thinking putty. 

  • Great for thinking and brainstorming 
  • Non-toxic
  • Includes strong ceramic magnet
  • Ages 8+
  • Dimension 6*2
  • Available in your color choice of Green, Gold, Purple, Black, Blue, or Gray