Unisex Compression Pain Relief and Recovery Patella Knee Strap (1-Pack)

Color: Black
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Are You suffering from any kind of knee pain, during exercise, or even a walk? This knee strap is the answer! Now you can do exercise without worrying about the pain again. This knee strap goes around the knee, below your kneecap, and over your patellar tendon to provide support for your knees, which releases the tension, and gives your knee the best relief from pain. By applying pressure on the tendon at the base of the knee cap while giving the patella a bit of a lift, inflammation and pain is greatly reduced.


  • Flexible but firm fully adjustable support.
  • Segmented design, which allows it to perfectly contour around your knee. 
  • Lightweight, durable  and breathable 
  • Non-irritating and sweat-absorbent
  • Choose from Black, Blue, and Grey.
  • Product dimension - 5  x 1 inches 
  • Material - Neoprene
  • Care instructions - Hand wash.Hang to dry.