Charcoal Eye Collagen

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Easy Eye Treatment

Take just 20 minutes out of your morning or nighttime routine to treat parched under-eye skin with these mess-free patches. To make it even easier, wear them while brushing your teeth, shaving, and changing clothes. The extended application will give skin ample time to drink up the patches beneficial ingredients, while also giving you time to take one or two shameless selfies.

Rejuvenating Effects 

In addition to hydrating skin, these patches also help reduce the puffiness and dark circles known to plague sleepy eyes. They also work to restore elasticity to skin for a complexion that not only looks more youthful but feels more youthful, too.

Nano-bamboo charcoal fiber, collagen, hyaluronic acid, rose essential oil
    Good to Know
    • 10-pack
    • Paraben-free