Toker Titanium Herb Grinder (5-Piece)

Color: Black
BlackTI-HG-BLA8419171489553.0 oz
BlueTI-HG-BLU8419171489623.0 oz
RedTI-HG-RED8419171489793.0 oz
SilverTI-HG-SIL8419171489863.0 oz
Warehouse NameHerb Grinder
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Finely grind herbs with a titanium grinder that features 26 total diamond-cut teeth and a mesh screen that sifts out all pollen or seeds

  • Diamond-cut teeth allow for a fine grind
  • 14 top teeth and 12 bottom teeth
  • Super-fine mesh screen that sifts and catches pollen
  • Teflon O-ring for smooth, effortless grinding without shavings
  • Pollen pick
Durable Construction
  • Made of extra-durable, aircraft-grade anodized titanium polished to a sleek shine
  • Won’t dent, scratch, or break
  • Four-piece build with three chambers
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful magnetic closure
  • Choose from Black, Blue, Red or Silver.
  • Product Dimensions: 2”x2”x1”