Two Left Feet Christmas Socks

Color: Lotsa Lights
Size: Small Feet
Lotsa Lights / Small FeetXTLF-S-LLT7229502987011.5 oz
Lotsa Lights / Big FeetXTLF-B-LLT7229502987181.5 oz
Nut Cracker / Small FeetXTLF-S-NUT7229502986881.5 oz
Nut Cracker / Big FeetXTLF-B-NUT7229502986951.5 oz
Oh So Ugly / Small FeetXTLF-S-OSU7229502986711.5 oz
Oh So Ugly / Big FeetXTLF-B-OSU7229502986641.5 oz
Pine Grove / Small FeetXTLF-S-PNG7229502986401.5 oz
Pine Grove / Big FeetXTLF-B-PNG7229502986571.5 oz
Rollin W/My Gnomies / Small FeetXTLF-S-RWG7229502987321.5 oz
Rollin W/My Gnomies / Big FeetXTLF-B-RWG7229502987251.5 oz
Spruce Me Up / Small FeetXTLF-S-SMU7229502988171.5 oz
Spruce Me Up / Big FeetXTLF-B-SMU7229502988001.5 oz
Starlight / Small FeetXTLF-S-STL7229502987491.5 oz
Starlight / Big FeetXTLF-B-STL7229502987561.5 oz
Strt Out Np / Small FeetXTLF-S-SNP7229502987941.5 oz
Strt Out Np / Big FeetXTLF-B-SNP7229502987871.5 oz
Trim-a-tree / Small FeetXTLF-S-TAT7229502987701.5 oz
Trim-a-tree / Big FeetXTLF-B-TAT7229502987631.5 oz
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The definition of insanity is wearing the same plain socks every day and expecting a different outcome!" ~Albert Sockstein. That's just nuts. Crack those nuts in half and unveil your true personality–even if just a taste. Show off your awesomeness and turn heads with these crazy cool threads. Two Left Feet is a unique collection of high-quality socks with quirky style and a good dose of humor. 9 unique styles in two unisex sizes (big & small). Life's a trip!

  • Unmatched Comfort and superior Quality
  • Made of Cotton: 75% Polyamide: 20% Elastane: 5%
  • 9 Different Styles to match all of your Holiday Spirit!
  • Extra comfortable heel and toe made to last!
  • Make Everyday more comfortable
  • Crazy Cool Threads Turn Heads!
  • 9 Christmas Styles in 2 Unisex Sizes
  • Small Feet = Women's 5.5-9.5, Men's 5-8
  • Big Feet = Women's 10-12.5, Men's 8.5-13