Double-Layer Zip-Front Sports Bra

Color: Blue
Size: Small
Blue / SmallEF-ELISB-BLU-S8419171045864.0 oz
Blue / MediumEF-ELISB-BLU-M8419171045794.0 oz
Blue / LargeEF-ELISB-BLU-L8419171045625.0 oz
Gray / SmallEF-ELISB-GRA-S8419171046164.0 oz
Gray / MediumEF-ELISB-GRA-M8419171046094.0 oz
Gray / LargeEF-ELISB-GRA-L8419171045935.0 oz
Green / SmallEF-ELISB-GRE-S8419171046474.0 oz
Green / MediumEF-ELISB-GRE-M8419171046304.0 oz
Green / LargeEF-ELISB-GRE-L8419171046235.0 oz
Orange / SmallEF-ELISB-ORA-S8419171046784.0 oz
Orange / MediumEF-ELISB-ORA-M8419171046614.0 oz
Orange / LargeEF-ELISB-ORA-L8419171046545.0 oz
Purple / SmallEF-ELISB-PUR-S8419171047084.0 oz
Purple / MediumEF-ELISB-PUR-M8419171046924.0 oz
Purple / LargeEF-ELISB-PUR-L8419171046855.0 oz
Red / SmallEF-ELISB-RED-S8419171047394.0 oz
Red / MediumEF-ELISB-RED-M8419171047224.0 oz
Red / LargeEF-ELISB-RED-L8419171047155.0 oz
Warehouse NameELIZA
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  • Made from moisture-wicking, breathable, sports performance fabrics, good permeability, heat dissipating property; Keep dry and cool when doing high-impact sports.
  • Special and elaborate double layer design: this bra has two layers of support combining a regular padded bra and a sports bra in one, the inner bra’s closure is a clasp, and the sports bra is a zipper.Both the inner padded bra and sports bra open and close in the front making it easy to put on and take off.The zipper also has a little flap to help keep it closed and from unzipping on you while exercising.
  • Breathable tiny mesh for comfort & temperature control; Sexy U-neck design, simple and fashion; Easy-on front zipper locks in place and inner hook for convenient wearing, and wide inner panel underneath the zip to prevent skin contact and chafing.
  • Seamless technology offers non-chaffing design for superior comfort and fit; Racerback design with no fastenings
  • Great for floor work & freedom of movement; Less pressure to your back; Enjoy more fun of sports.
  • Perfect for any kinds of physical activities, such as yoga, running, gym exercise, walking, cycling, tennis, etc.
Sizing Guide
  • Small fits Bra Sizes 30A, 30B, 30C, 32A, 32B, 32C
  • Medium fits Bra Sizes 32D, 34A, 34B, 34C, 36A, 36B
  • Large fits Bra Sizes 34D, 36C, 38A, 38B, 38C