VeriSound Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Earpods

VeriSound Wireless Bluetooth Stereo EarpodsTWS-BUD7229503384520.0 oz
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Truly Wireless Stereo technology is the latest in audio tech, offering zero delay connectivity for instant sound whenever you want it. Connect once via Bluetooth®, and watch as VeriSound pods remember your device without any prompting. Our compact, ergonomic design features a sweatproof, cushioned inner ear fit, QuickTouch call controls, and is 100% wireless. The best part? Our carrying case doubles as a charger, so you can recharge your pods on the go without a USB connection. Offer your customers an affordable, high-quality option for the best in wireless listening!

  • Certified Bluetooth® connection
  • QuickTouch controls for volume, music & calls
  • Sweatproof, cushioned inner ear fit
  • Ergonomic shape stays in place without cords