Premium Home Super Soft Bamboo-Embossed Sheet Set (4-Piece)

Color: Bone
Size: Full
Bone / FullHNY-4PC-EB-BON-F-37.0 oz
Bone / KingHNY-4PC-EB-BON-K-47.0 oz
Bone / QueenHNY-4PC-EB-BON-Q-41.0 oz
Champagne / FullHNY-4PC-EB-CHA-F-37.0 oz
Champagne / KingHNY-4PC-EB-CHA-K-47.0 oz
Champagne / QueenHNY-4PC-EB-CHA-Q-41.0 oz
Champagne / TwinHNY-4PC-EB-CHA-T-36.5 oz
Chocolate / FullHNY-4PC-EB-CHO-F-37.0 oz
Chocolate / KingHNY-4PC-EB-CHO-K-47.0 oz
Chocolate / QueenHNY-4PC-EB-CHO-Q-41.0 oz
Chocolate / TwinHNY-4PC-EB-CHO-T-36.5 oz
Gray / FullHNY-4PC-EB-GRA-F-37.0 oz
Gray / KingHNY-4PC-EB-GRA-K-47.0 oz
Gray / QueenHNY-4PC-EB-GRA-Q-41.0 oz
Hunter / FullHNY-4PC-EB-HUN-F-37.0 oz
Hunter / KingHNY-4PC-EB-HUN-K-47.0 oz
Hunter / QueenHNY-4PC-EB-HUN-Q-41.0 oz
Hunter / TwinHNY-4PC-EB-HUN-T-36.5 oz
Light Blue / FullHNY-4PC-EB-LBLU-F-37.0 oz
Light Blue / KingHNY-4PC-EB-LBLU-K-47.0 oz
Light Blue / QueenHNY-4PC-EB-LBLU-Q-41.0 oz
Light Blue / TwinHNY-4PC-EB-LBLU-T-36.5 oz
Lilac / FullHNY-4PC-EB-LIL-F-37.0 oz
Lilac / KingHNY-4PC-EB-LIL-K-47.0 oz
Lilac / QueenHNY-4PC-EB-LIL-Q-41.0 oz
Navy / FullHNY-4PC-EB-NAV-F-37.0 oz
Navy / KingHNY-4PC-EB-NAV-K-47.0 oz
Navy / QueenHNY-4PC-EB-NAV-Q-41.0 oz
Navy / TwinHNY-4PC-EB-NAV-T-36.5 oz
Purple / FullHNY-4PC-EB-PUR-F-37.0 oz
Purple / KingHNY-4PC-EB-PUR-K-47.0 oz
Purple / QueenHNY-4PC-EB-PUR-Q-41.0 oz
Sage / FullHNY-4PC-EB-SAG-F-37.0 oz
Sage / KingHNY-4PC-EB-SAG-K-47.0 oz
Sage / QueenHNY-4PC-EB-SAG-Q-41.0 oz
Sage / TwinHNY-4PC-EB-SAG-T-36.5 oz
Taupe / FullHNY-4PC-EB-TAU-F-37.0 oz
Taupe / KingHNY-4PC-EB-TAU-K-47.0 oz
Taupe / QueenHNY-4PC-EB-TAU-Q-41.0 oz
Taupe / TwinHNY-4PC-EB-TAU-T-36.5 oz
White / FullHNY-4PC-EB-WHI-F-37.0 oz
White / KingHNY-4PC-EB-WHI-K-47.0 oz
White / QueenHNY-4PC-EB-WHI-Q-41.0 oz
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Where you lay your head at night to rest says a lot about you so your sheets should be just as sophisticated and elegant as they are luxurious and comfortable--just like you! Go ahead and let your exceptional taste and personality shine through even when it comes to the finer details in life! This 4 Piece  Sheet Set with its sleek Embossed Bamboo Design is a must for your bedroom's refined decor scheme. Whoever said that you can't have it all clearly must have slept on inferior quality sheets. Go ahead and treat yourself because you sure can have it all with these ultra-soft sheets that feel just as fabulous to the touch as they look. Grab a few sets in your favorite colors to complement your unique style today!

  • Includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet & 2 pillowcases
  • 90GSM microfiber polyester
  • Features an embossed bamboo design
  • Care instructions: machine washable. Wash dark colors separately. Do not bleach. Tumble dry on low heat, then promptly remove from the dryer.
  • Fitted sheet pockets measure 12" D to fit mattresses up to 15" D
  • Available in 2 sizes:  Queen and  King
1 Flat sheet - 88 x 99 inch
1 Fitted sheet - 60 x 80 inch
2 Pillowcases - 19.5 x 30 inch

1 Flat Sheet - 102 x 105 inch 
1 Fitted Sheet - 78 x 80 inch
2 Pillowcases - 19.5 x 30 inch