Hot and Cold Migraine Relief Therapy Headband Wrap

Hot and Cold Migraine Relief Therapy Headband WrapEF-MRW-01658419171016537.0 oz
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This translucent wrap's cadre of gel-filled beads and adjustable straps help it conform to foreheads providing soothing relief where you need it most. Whether heated or chilled, the beads maintain a constant contact to alleviate migraines, headaches, and the pain that comes from using one's head as a battering ram.

  • Helps relieve migraines, headaches, sinus pain, and tension
  • Flexible gel-filled beads
  • Adjustable straps
  • Conforms to foreheads
  • Can be used for both hot therapy and cold therapy
  • One size fits most
  • Material  - Velcro, ABS, and Gel.
  • Care Instructions - Wipe with a hot damp cloth.
  • Product dimension - 4” x 2” x 5”