Waterproof Lash Primer Gel + 3D Mascara Set


Waterproof Lash Primer Gel + 3D Mascara Set

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Flaunt and flutter those lashes ladies in our brilliant 3D Effortless Lash Building Mascara Set. Designed to boost what Mother Nature has blessed you with, this mascara kit builds on your lashes making them appear fuller and thicker. No need to mess about with false eyelashes when you can simply apply our miracle mascara primer and then apply the 3D mascara and head out the door. Give your look an instant overhaul with this innovative mascara duo.

  • Easy to apply
  • Water resistant and proof
  • Mascara fibers build on your current lashes for thicker, fuller lashes
  • Available in Black

Water, Beeswax (natural beeswax), carnauba gum, oxidized Ci774999 (black), collagen, acrylate copolymer, nylon, hard resin, propylene glycol 23floz/7 ml. Natural fiber ingredients: 100% natural green tea fitter.

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