Women's Fully Plush Lined Active Lifestyle KoziKicks Footwear

Color: Black
Size: Small
Black / SmallKOZI2-S-BLK7229503312930.0 oz
Black / MediumKOZI2-M-BLK7229503313090.0 oz
Black / LargeKOZI2-L-BLK7229503313160.0 oz
Black / XLKOZI2-XL-BLK7229503313230.0 oz
Blue / SmallKOZI2-S-BLU7229503313780.0 oz
Blue / MediumKOZI2-M-BLU7229503313850.0 oz
Blue / LargeKOZI2-L-BLU7229503313920.0 oz
Blue / XLKOZI2-XL-BLU7229503314080.0 oz
Purple / SmallKOZI2-S-PUR7229503313300.0 oz
Purple / Medium-0.0 oz
Purple / LargeKOZI2-L-PUR7229503313540.0 oz
Purple / XLKOZI2-XL-PUR7229503313610.0 oz
Brown / SmallSPKOZI-S-CHE7229503314220.0 oz
Brown / MediumSPKOZI-M-CHE7229503314390.0 oz
Brown / LargeSPKOZI-L-CHE7229503314460.0 oz
Brown / XLSPKOZI-XL-CHE7229503314530.0 oz
Navy / SmallSPKOZI-S-KEN7229503314600.0 oz
Navy / MediumSPKOZI-M-KEN7229503314770.0 oz
Navy / LargeSPKOZI-L-KEN7229503314840.0 oz
Navy / XLSPKOZI-XL-KEN7229503314910.0 oz
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Breathable and flexible, KOZIKICKS are fully lined, ergonomic slippers designed for everyday living. Comfortable and cozy enough for indoor wear, our durable FlexForm™ sole extends to errands, campus life, walking the dog and casual plans. Foldable, sporty design is perfect for travel - wear them on long flights, road trips and around the hotel for convenient comfort home and away.

  • Foldable, breathable and fully plush lined
  • Durable FlexForm sole
  • Indoor/outdoor wear
  • Three rich colors: black, blue and purple
  • Four sizes: S=5.5-6.5, M=7-8, L=8.5-9.5, XL=10-11