Women's Live Well Active Lifestyle FitKicks Footwear

Color: Black
Size: Small
Black / SmallLWFIT-S-BLK7229503160160.0 oz
Black / MediumLWFIT-M-BLK7229503160230.0 oz
Black / LargeLWFIT-L-BLK7229503160300.0 oz
Black / XLLWFIT-XL-BLK7229503160470.0 oz
Gray / SmallLWFIT-S-GRY7229503160540.0 oz
Gray / MediumLWFIT-M-GRY7229503160610.0 oz
Gray / LargeLWFIT-L-GRY7229503160780.0 oz
Gray / XLLWFIT-XL-GRY7229503160850.0 oz
Green / SmallLWFIT-S-MNT7229503160920.0 oz
Green / MediumLWFIT-M-MNT7229503161080.0 oz
Green / LargeLWFIT-L-MNT7229503161150.0 oz
Green / XLLWFIT-XL-MNT7229503161220.0 oz
Pink / SmallLWFIT-S-PNK7229503161390.0 oz
Pink / MediumLWFIT-M-PNK7229503161460.0 oz
Pink / LargeLWFIT-L-PNK7229503161530.0 oz
Pink / XLLWFIT-XL-PNK7229503161600.0 oz
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Bring balance to your every day with Live Well. This relaxing collection features soft heathered fabric in four spa-inspired colors. FITKICKS offer full flexibility with a free-forming, ergonomic fit. Durable FlexForm™ soles naturally contour to the unique shape of your feet with enough protection for everything from water sports and outdoor adventures to yoga, lounging, and everyday wear.

  • Foldable, comfortable & sporty
  • Durable FlexForm™ sole
  • Free forming, ergonomic design
  • Four sizes: S (5.5-6.5), M (7-8), L (8.5-9.5), XL (10-11)