Women's Special Edition Active Lifestyle FitKicks Footwear

Color: VEN
Size: Small
VEN / SmallSPFIT-S-VEN7229503471880.0 oz
VEN / MediumSPFIT-M-VEN7229503471950.0 oz
VEN / LargeSPFIT-L-VEN7229503472010.0 oz
VEN / XLSPFIT-XL-VEN7229503472180.0 oz
SMK / SmallSPFIT-S-SMK7229503472700.0 oz
SMK / MediumSPFIT-M-SMK7229503472870.0 oz
SMK / LargeSPFIT-L-SMK7229503472940.0 oz
SMK / XLSPFIT-XL-SMK7229503473000.0 oz
FEL / SmallSPFIT-S-FEL7229503472320.0 oz
FEL / MediumSPFIT-M-FEL7229503472490.0 oz
FEL / LargeSPFIT-L-FEL7229503472560.0 oz
FEL / XLSPFIT-XL-FEL7229503472630.0 oz
STL / SmallSPFIT-S-STL7229503473170.0 oz
STL / MediumSPFIT-M-STL7229503473240.0 oz
STL / LargeSPFIT-L-STL7229503473310.0 oz
STL / XLSPFIT-XL-STL7229503473480.0 oz
Warehouse NameTagCo USA Inc
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Product Linkhttps://bit.ly/3A8KYNL

The footwear that inspired it all, now in four powerful, custom prints. Designed to balance and energize, FITKICKS give you full flexibility with a freeforming, ergonomic fit. Durable FlexForm™ soles naturally contour to the unique shape of your feet with enough protection for everything from water sports and outdoor adventures to yoga, lounging and everyday wear.

  • Breathable sport fabric
  • Fit-enhancing grip strap
  • Durable FlexForm™ sole
  • Freeforming, ergonomic design
  • 4 styles: Feline Fierce, Smoke Show, Stealth Mode and Venom
  • 4 women's sizes: S (5.5-6.5), M (7-8), L (8.5-9.5), XL (10-11)