Anti-Slip Pet Dog Cat Knit Socks Adjustable Paw Protector for Small Puppies and Kittens Traction Control
Highlights Soft and safe material Anti-slip grips prevent slipping Protect hardware floors Comfortable and warm No interior threads to catch on claws Each set includes four socks Socks fit best when a dog’s nails are trimmed short. Material - Polyester...
Pet Deshedding Massaging Brush Gloves
Description Quick and easy to use, this practical, five-finger glove for dogs and cats reaches places with hair tides while minimizing shedding Highlights Great for long-, short-, and curly-haired dogs and cats Loosens and lifts away hair from both under...
Orthopedic Memory Foam Pet Bed
Description Our dog can enjoy a warm, cozy & comfortable sleep This memory foam mattress is made from orthopedic memory foam that adapts to your dog's body contours, helping to reduce the pressure on their spine and joints. This mattress...
Artificial Grass Portable Puppy Pad for Training Dogs and Small Pets
Highlights Three-layer indoor potty-training system Mat of non-toxic, odor-resistant synthetic grass Plastic insert allows liquid waste to drain Durable collection tray Good for apartments, patios Great for when pet can't go outside due to weather, locust swarms Easy to clean,...
Waterproof Hammock Pet Seat Cover
Keep a Clean Car Offers pets a cozy bed where they won't dirty up your car Protects back seats and floors from dirt, pet hair, and scratches Strong and Water Resistant Made from heavy-gauge polyester Waterproof backing Easy to Install...
Waterproof Pet Car-Seat Cover
Highlights Protects car seats from mud, pet hair, dander, and spills Ideal for backseats with headrests Durable heavy-gauge polyester Waterproof backing Machine-washable Dimensions: 47”x 56”
Soft Fleece Pet Hut
Description Cats are amongst the most regal of creatures. They're gorgeous and they know it. They have a certain air of royalty to them, like they remember the good old days when they were worshiped as gods. While we're not...
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